The Firm provides transactional and corporate services to clients in a variety of diverse businesses.

The Firm helps clients evaluate and resolve a wide array of issues in an ever-changing corporate governance environment. The recent changes in corporate governance resulting from sweeping legislation, regulatory zeal, and activist shareholders are among the most profound in modern corporate history. The result has been an unprecedented scrutiny of management, empowered shareholders and unsettled boards. The Firm emphasizes effective, business-oriented strategies and solutions to help clients navigate this new environment to steer clear of the litigation minefield.

We understand that good corporate governance is not an end unto itself and that that "one-size-fits-all" solutions rarely work. Good governance advice must be tailored to a client's specific corporate objectives and informed clients should be mindful of the many legal disciplines that come into play. Ensuring our clients' compliance with the heightened governance standards is a given but our effectiveness in achieving their corporate goals is our mission.

Areas of experience include Corporate Governance, General Corporate Risk Management, and Corporate Compliance-related matters. Specific areas of experience include, for example, assisting clients with establishing and structuring their business organization included required corporate filings, as well as maintaining legal compliance with respect to the industry-specific applicable government agencies such as FDA, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).

Our clients range from entrepreneurs to small and medium size corporations and span a wide variety of industries including healthcare, real estate, technology, financial services and retail and consumer products.