Law Offices of Khalilian Sira, LLC

Welcome to the Law Offices of Khalilian Sira, LLC

The Law Offices of Khalilian Sira, LLC was formed in 2004. The Firm specializes in legal services in the following areas:

Our attorneys have extensive legal expertise gained during employment at top tier Washington, D.C.-based national law firms.

Our attorneys have served clients in a wide range of technological disciplines. The Firm sets itself apart from its competitors by combining expertise in several legal, scientific and technological fields in order to better anticipate and meet client needs. The Firm also prides itself on its clear and open communication with clients regarding their legal options and progression of their matters. Clients benefit from the Firm's broad legal expertise combined with clear and open communication regarding legal options.

The Firm provides intellectual property legal services at both national and international levels. There are more than ten international law firms that are associated with the Firm to assist with providing legal services to our U.S. clients internationally. The Firm also retains independent attorneys as contractors when beneficial in meeting Clients' specific needs. Our size and global reach allow our multidisciplinary teams to meet our clients' day-to-day needs and their strategic objectives, locally and globally. We deliver sector-specific knowledge and insight in tandem with a full range of commercial legal services, many of which, such as intellectual property, corporate, and finance, are critical to the success of businesses in high-technology, financial, and other sector spaces.