Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

In this increasingly competitive environment, the Firm recognizes the importance to our clients of having patents that are not vulnerable to competitors' challenges. Therefore, our clients expect and receive the full attention of our knowledgeable, technically-savvy professionals, who guide them and their inventions through the entire patenting process.

The major focus of the Firm's practice is in obtaining patents, trademark and copyright registrations and providing effective licensing negotiations and associated counseling. The Firm's patent practice is directed primarily toward clients engaged in technological areas, such as the biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical arena (pioneer or generic), internet, medical devices, and a variety of mechanical systems and devices.

We have a wealth of experience working with patent examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and also handle complex international patent portfolios, including European opposition practice. By virtue of the breadth and depth of the Firm's patent practice, we have garnered excellent relationships with patent examiners and patent practitioners in all commercially significant countries.

In addition to these traditional legal services directed to securing intellectual property protection, our clients look to us to render opinions and provide legal advice on activities within the intellectual property law field. In that regard, the Firm renders legal opinions for both offensive and defensive purposes. For example, we provide advice to clients who are preparing to invest in new businesses, products or technology, on the strength and the scope of the intellectual property assets involved. For example, the Firm's patent attorneys can assist with evaluation, analysis and preparation of legal opinions on the patentability of inventions, validity of patents, non-infringement opinions, and freedom-to-operate or clearance opinions.

The Firm also provides general counseling on intellectual property issues at every stage of the product life cycle, including for example, litigation, licensing, contract and other matters which involve intellectual property law. For example, clients seek input from us early in the product development stage to be informed of the intellectual property landscape before they make substantial development investments. We also assess the activities of our clients' competitors and advise clients so they can determine whether to assert their rights against those competitors.

The Firm's patent attorneys have Ph.D. degrees in scientific disciplines covering areas in biology (including virology, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and genetics), chemistry (organic, inorganic) and small molecule drugs, and medical devices. The Firm's patent attorneys are skilled in various technologies and law and can counsel clients and prepare and prosecute utility, design and business method patents in most technology industries.